About David Kelly

- the Compensation Architect

David Kelly is a long-tenured practitioner in the Incentive Compensation Management / Sales Performance Management space. He has worked as a solution architect for and with many of the system vendors and system integrators over more than 15 years in the field, and his work is highly regarded for its accuracy, performance, and maintainability. David's strength is in helping his customers really understand what they want and need the system to do, and then communicating that to the people who have to implement those requirements.

David is the author of The Book on Incentive Compensation Management: The Systematic Administration of Variable Compensation in the Enterprise, the first book to approach the incentive compensation problem from a systems perspective.


Services include:

  • Incentive compensation business and data architecture
  • System requirements
  • Future-state definition
  • Solution architecture
  • Analysis of data feeds, flows and integration regarding an end to end solution
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Triage of ICM / SPM businesses in crisis

Please do not hesitate to contact me for these or other needs you might have in the ICM / SPM domain - if I can't help you, I probably know someone who could.

I really want to help you succeed.


David Kelly is the author of two books
about ICM systems and processes

The books compliment each other well, and both would be great resources for anyone planning an ICM implementation.